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LCE international sign MOU for Tunisia Economic City

LCE international, office for architecture and design, signs MOU for projects within the Tunisia Economic City Vision. The TEC project was officially announced on the 8th & 9th of September at Hotel the Palace in Tunis.

LCE international Chairman, Walid el Turki and CEO, Mark Keville were in attendance along with TEC partners, Partners Investment LLC Dubai. As guests of Dr. Riadh Khalifa Toukabri, president and founder of TEC project, Mark Keville presented LCE international past, present and future work and announced that that his office have begun design work on an iconic tower for the TEC vision.

The signing of the MOU by Mark Keville concluded a successful 2 days of presentations by key sponsoring companies. A significant presence from Saudi Arabia was led by Royal Prince Fahad Bin Miqrin Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud as well as international investors from UK, Australia and other countries added to the credibility of the project. Mostapha Bin Jaafar, President of the Constituent Assembly of Tunisia, gave a speech welcoming the delegations and supporting the initiative.

Tunisia Economic City, is a mega economic development and urban project of 90 square kilometres with an 18 kilometres beach front modern sustainable and eco-friendly metropolis. It will be the home of 500,000 inhabitants and will provide 250,000 jobs once completed within 15 years from now. The Concept is to build, in phases, a global and integrated modern city in Enfedha, with a strong base linked to Culture, Tourism, Education and Commerce.

The project aims to be an international Centre and hub connecting East and West, North and South for Trade, cultural and educational exchange.

Mark Keville said ‘LCE international are very honoured and excited at the prospect of our involvement in the TEC project. TEC aims to contribute to the development of Tunisia economic matrix given its radiance as a gateway of the Mediterranean and as an international trade exchange. We aim to bring these ideas through into the architecture we will be proposing’

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