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LCE Promote Architecture in the Community

Primary School Presentations & Secondary School Work Placements


 From the beginning of the year, LCE have been promoting architecture in the community with a series of presentations and talks to primary Schools in the Brighton & Hove Area. The idea has been to give pupils an introduction to what architects do, how we design with space and form, what environmental factors affect design, the tools we use and to show children the broad spectrum of people across the construction industry that help shape our urban environment.


“I was really impressed both by Mike’s enthusiasm and by the level of effort that he put into preparing an excellent presentation.  He maintained interest by using volunteers to interact with, as well as by using demonstrations that enabled children to better understand difficult concepts.  


By the end, many children were able to make clear links between the world of work and the learning that takes place in school.  They now have a much better insight into the work of an architect, and most realise that many of the learning behaviors that we value in school (such as resilience, resourcefulness and working with others) are essential for success in the workplace too.”


Deputy Headmaster – Mr. J Waring Elm Grove Primary School


Talking to the pupils of Middle Street school last month, Mike Durran also gave the class an opportunity to explore the designs for the proposed Hippodrome project to be built opposite. The scheme unveiled in February, was there for kids to fly around Middle Street and see how a major project fits within Brighton.


As part of our ongoing work with schools, each year we also take on secondary school students for a week-long work placement. Giving them the opportunity to understand some architectural design procedures and software that architects use.


During the week, we have them produce their own small scheme, from initial ideas through to completed design. We teach them an understanding of site and location, how a brief works and how a design concept develops into a proposal, finishing with a presentation of their scheme at the end of the week by the students themselves.



Our latest work placement, Jake Keville from BHASVIC, produced an exciting beach hut/pier house that stands in the water beyond the shoreline and was designed as an escape from the bustle of Brighton Beach with panoramic sea views in mind.


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