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Visualisation or Realisation?

No doubt that 3D technology has played a big role in the development of the architecture of today. Designing in 3D allows architects to develop more complex schemes and realise forms more easily, whilst visualisation works as a tool to communicate to clients, an idea of the scheme. These tools can give an image of the space but it wouldn’t tell what you would feel in the space.

So, what if you could walk into your design, in real scale with real materials, free to wonder about, not ruled by a series of animation paths? What if the client could experience the scheme at the design stage, before a single brick has been laid?

AMG (LCE architects Research Department) are currently exploring the notions of space through virtual reality and 3D design technologies. Due to the current developments in the fields of virtual reality and 3D design, questions are now arising of what it is to view or experience a visualisation –what is ‘being’ in a space.

We are not only exploring the impact of virtual reality in the design process and how these perceptions are affecting the choices made by designers and the client, but also what other avenues outside of architecture, that this technology can accomplish.

Keep an eye on this space as we progress further with more updates.

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