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Nick Lomax becomes Chair to the Planning Agents’ Forum – PAF


Nick Lomax has taken over as Chair of the Brighton & Hove Planning Agents’ Forum when Liam Russell stood down in April.

The Planning Agents’ Forum has become increasingly active in liaising with the local authority with regard to planning matters and is working towards a change of culture within the Brighton & Hove Planning Department.

Initially PAF is working towards improving planning services: this includes all aspects of planning from pre-apps, applications, conditions through to enforcement. The project management of these issues, the levels of communication, timescales, consistency etc affect all these stages and the PAF Committee are generally trying to promote a dialogue between the planning authority and agents on all these issues. PAF will also be inputting into future Planning Policy.

The AGM for PAF will be taking place next Wednesday 11th of July at 4:15pm at the Brighthelm Centre (Stanmer Room), where Liz Hobden, BHCC’s Head of Planning, City Development and Regeneration will be giving a Planning Services Update along with her proposed plans for improvement to the service going forward. This will be followed by a Briefing on the draft City Plan Part 2.

For further information on Planning Agents’ Forum or if you would like to become a member and attend the AGM please contact:

Mandi Simmons

For the Planning Agents’ Forum website, please click this link.


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