Our Story

We are a well established design and consultancy practice of architects with a broad record of achievement in most market sectors in the UK and overseas. The current practice is a merger of 3 separate companies that have worked successfully together under joint management since 2002.

The participants of these mergers are Lomax Cassidy & Edwards, set up in Brighton in 1990 and establishing a reputation primarily in hotel, housing and education work, joining forces with Archimed in 1998, whose origins began in 1986 when the Regional Architect for the North West Thames Health Authority established a private practice specialising in healthcare work. The company was further strengthened by a merger with the Laboratories Investigation Unit (LIU) in 2002, originally part of the Department of Education & Science, with over 30 years specialisation in the design and project management of laboratory, medical and other serviced workspace facilities.

The LCE Family is currently made up of a Holding Company and two subsidiary companies; LCE Holdings, LCE Architects UK and LCE International.

Our Ethos

Committed to place-making to the benefit of users and their communities and producing buildings of significance that respect the environment, we place our clients’ needs foremost.

We pride ourselves on a strong team ethic, a methodical but innovative approach to design, and we believe in making a difference. We enjoy making buildings and the collaborative team work in doing so.

Our practice is underscored by three core activities which drive our services and are encapsulated in our logo:


We are design-led with a strong belief in the value of design quality; we focus on this in the pursuit of meeting best value for our clients.

Our design approach is rational, cooperative and rigorous. Sustainability in its widest sense is a fundamental driver to our strategically oriented approach to the process. Effective, innovative design solutions arise from a careful and thorough analysis of the contextual, functional and economic characteristics of the project brief.


Central to our approach is teamwork. The design and construction of modern buildings is a complex and challenging process requiring skilful leadership and management, good communication and commitment from a wide range of expert professionals. It is our strong belief that effective management is crucial to delivering projects successfully.


Knowledge, experience and lateral thinking are the key to success in delivering specialist advice, providing added value and problem solving inherent to the creative design process.

The Practice has created a professional team with extensive experience in many sectors to support our design teams and to provide independent consultancy and technical advice services to clients and collaborative partners in the construction industry.

Added Value

After assessing each client’s business drivers, our team develops comprehensive bespoke design solutions. We bring added value and reduce building costs by strong conceptual ideas, resourceful construction solutions and maximising on the potential of both the brief and the site.

We believe that creating a sense of place, that is both comfortable and where appropriate inspiring, is complimentary to solving the business needs of our clients, providing enduring value to their property that works successfully both financially and operationally.

We bring our lateral thinking and holistic problem solving skills to create value in property providing the following for our clients:

  • Improve the value of their site and/or buildings
  • Bring operational efficiency to their buildings
  • Steer a client’s project through the increasingly complex regulatory processes of planning and building control to practical and cost effective consents


We believe our holistic approach to design maximises our ability to identify potential for innovative strategies for achieving more than the anticipated objectives of the project, to save money and add value. We believe innovation can be turned into a productive force for creating sustainable added value to achieve the best possible return on the deployed resources available.


We are committed to working in a collaborative manner in all aspects of our work. This applies equally to our in-house studio based working practices and to our external relationships with all members of the client, design and construction teams. This is underpinned by our conviction to render the architectural process simple and transparent.

Our commitment to collaboration is reinforced by the number of architectural practices we work with.

Partnership with the Client

The pursuit of excellence in design, not for design’s sake but in the context of the client’s objectives, has always been the policy of the practice. This not only requires a technical competence, and hence the build-up of our consultancy and technical advice services, but an approach that establishes a partnership with our clients to achieve a common goal.


We are committed to sustainable design. We have developed a holistic and pan-cultural approach to what has become a worldwide issue, where we can create buildings that are efficient with resources, affordable to build and operate, good to inhabit and appropriate to their context. It drives how we engineer buildings, design and shape space inside and out and how we select materials.

Communication and Leadership

Today’s clients demand quick, innovative design responses to a rapidly changing world. We are used to working under tight schedules and programmes to ensure our buildings are delivered on time and on budget. This can only be achieved when the entire design team are pulling in the right, and same, direction. LCE take pride in providing the necessary leadership and management with a particular emphasis on good and clear communication.



Architecture is LCE’s core business. We have experience of both public and private commissions in most market sectors and undertake projects from the small extension locally to multi-million pound developments across the UK and overseas. Our clients range from those that require small changes to an existing building in order to make it function better -to reduce cost or to improve its reliability - through to those who need big and better ideas which lead to exemplar buildings that create end-user enthusiasm.

Our work encompasses all methods of procurement and we act as lead consultant or sub-consultant as appropriate. We accept not only full commissions from feasibility through to post completion, but also work on a stage by stage basis.


Our specialist expertise in many fields ensures the practice provides technical advice and design guidance to Governments, Local Authorities, Education and Healthcare Establishments, Project Management firms, Contractors and other design teams including numerous successful collaborations with other Architects, adding value to the overall service provided to clients.

Our Healthcare and Education experience is further supplemented by our specialist Laboratory Team which, when combined with our Team and chaired by one of our partners, addresses the full range of research, science and interdisciplinary collaboration. The breadth and depth of our knowledge and experience in researching, briefing and designing science, technology, R&D, Laboratory and Interdisciplinary Research facilities, which is grounded in the work of our ex-UK government Laboratories Investigation Unit (LIU Division), enables us to bring a uniquely informed approach to new projects.


We have extensive experience of masterplanning in the UK and overseas on Townships, National Parks, local neighbourhoods, education campuses and healthcare estates. We understand the importance to clients of good flexible plans with easily understood three-dimensional representations supported by clear social and economic analysis based on well-thought contextual design principles. The practice has an enviable record in achieving difficult planning consents. Overseas we have been involved with projects from eco-towns to Science Parks and in the United Kingdom we have worked on a variety of projects in conservation areas and urban regeneration projects as well as schemes in AONBs, historic parkland, and where complex Environmental Statements are required.


In recent years there has been an increasing recognition of the value of preserving the existing building stock wherever possible; conservation, conversion, extension and rehabilitation constitute a fundamental part of our work in all sectors.

Especially rewarding for the practice is the work on listed buildings, which requires a particular sensitivity, both architecturally and in terms of consultation. We have worked on Scheduled Monuments, Grade 1, 11* and Grade 11, liaising with English Heritage, CADW in Wales and Historic Monuments in Scotland along with such organisations as the Georgian, Victorian and 20th Century Societies to achieve the right results for our clients within the legislative framework of the historic environment


The practice believes the application of the science of sustainability is fundamental to achieving excellence in architecture, and has a track record to prove it, but equally recognises that it is not just a question of choosing between good and bad alternatives but involves complex issues which are often conflicting. Borne out of experience in this field across many cultures and climates, and in recognition of the growing list of legislative, political and economic drivers towards sustainability, LCE is able to provide a balanced overview of the facts and is committed to giving clients the correct information to inform their decisions.

Landscape Design

We believe the spaces between buildings are as important as the buildings themselves. In this context we create organised sustainable solutions to the outdoor world combining with our buildings to create in a sense of place to give added value to the end product. We undertake much of this work in-house, calling upon the specialist skills of external landscape architects where necessary, especially in regard to planting schemes, preservation and stewardship.

Interior Design

LCE believes that the practice of Interior Design not only concerns itself with the visual and ambient enhancement of an interior space but also strives to optimise and harmonise the uses to which the built environment will be put, and where appropriate to reinforce the brand environment. LCE are able to provide a standalone service or as part of an integrated design service, for both new and existing buildings, to meet the requirements of most sectors.

Universal Access / Special Needs

LCE have experience in all forms of special needs accommodation from schools through to complex health facilities, offering consultancy services within these sectors. The practice is fully conversant with the current regulatory framework including the DDA and other areas of best practice, allowing us to provide exemplars in this field.

LCE 3D Studio

The studio can make short films, computer generated visualisations, animations and other interactive content to communicate the architectural possibilities to our clients, stakeholders and the public. All projects are developed in 3D from the outset and are integral to the design process. This allows us to undertake such studies as visual impact assessments, used as an iterative process to inform the design in its development as well as contributing to the final EIA. The practice also produces CGIs and animations for presentations during the planning process or to support a sales/marketing initiative.

Graphic Design, Signage & Way Finding

LCE recognise that graphics, signage, and wayfinding programmes compliment the clear legible plans the practice prides itself in, to enhance the visitor experience and build the brand image. We can provide a comprehensive wayfinding consultancy from site audit through to a full site strategy. In providing this graphic design service we also undertake self-contained graphic design projects that include web sites, logos and publications.


LCE believe that buildings are a very effective tool to reinforce a brand and the practice works to design a consistent and distinctive brand environment that embodies a client's core values, whether it’s a private company or a public institution, capturing it’s essence, differentiating it from its competitors and helping to ensure it has an edge in the current market.

Small works

The Small Works Team offers a range of services from feasibility design proposals through to a full service. We offer a customer friendly, cost effective service, which through our problem solving skills can help our clients to define what they want to build, present options that they may not have considered and help them to get the most from their investment.


Our reputation is built on a whole hearted belief in providing a personal, flexible and innovative approach to all aspects of the project regardless of scale, to provide value for money both in terms of the services we give and in the product we produce; this is reflected in the number of satisfied clients who return.

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LCE Architects pride themselves on their bespoke solutions to difficult problems in a practical, pragmatic and analytical way. This is reflected in considerable client satisfaction and in the number of prestigious awards it has received for its work:

2014 Best Retirement Scheme Award (House Builders) Charters Village, East Grinstead
2014 Best Retirement Development, Silver Award (What House) Charters Village, East Grinstead
2012 RICS North West Regional Regeneration Award (Shorlisted) Wigan Life Centre, Wigan
2011 Sussex Heritage Trust: Small Scale Residential Award Private Residence
2011 HSBC Business Thinking: Regional Finalist Practice
2010 UK Property Awards: Highly commended, Best Leisure Development Little Venice Sports Centre, London
2010 Inclusive Fitness Initiative: Awarded IFI Excellent (First in the UK) Little Venice Sports Centre, London
2009 British Expertise International Awards: Highly Commended, Consultancy Project of the year Faculty Buildings, Al Fateh University, Libya
2009 UK Property Awards: Best Public Services Development Wigan Life Centre, Wigan
2009 International Property Awards: Best International Public Services Development Wigan Life Centre, Wigan
2009 MIPM: Commendation, Future Projects Award Wigan Life Centre, Wigan
2009 Sustain Magazine: Shortlisted for Sustainability Project of the Year Faculty Buildings, Al Fateh University, Libya
2009 Sussex Heritage Trust: Public and Community Award Reeves Art School, Lancing College
2008 Green Building Award Hong Kong Science Technology park, Phase 2
2007 Civic Trust: Award Jubilee Library, Brighton
2006 Green Apple: International for the Built Environment and Architectural Heritage Jubilee Library, Brighton
2006 Observer Ethical: Building of the Year Award Jubilee Library, Brighton
2006 Arts & Works: Award for Site Specific Commission; for Kate Malone’s Wall of a Thousand Stories Jubilee Library, Brighton
2006 SCALA: Runner-up in Civic Building of the Year Award (Major Project Category) Jubilee Library, Brighton
2006 Sussex Heritage Trust Award: Small Works Award Loft Library, Hove
2005 BCI: Prime Minister’s Public Building Award (Major Building Award) Short-listed for Regeneration Award | Short-listed for Local Authority Award Jubilee Library, Brighton
2005 RIBA: RIBA Regional Award Short-listed for Sustainability Award (Highly Commended) Jubilee Library, Brighton
2005 PFI: Award for Operational Building with Best Design Jubilee Library, Brighton
2005 CIBSE: Major Building Award Jubilee Library, Brighton
2005 CILIP Public Libraries: Delegate’s Award for Best New Library Best Use of Partnership in a Library Award Jubilee Library, Brighton
2005 Concrete Society: Certificate of Excellence Jubilee Library, Brighton
2005 Sussex Heritage Trust: Community Building Award Jubilee Library, Brighton
2005 British Urban Regeneration Association: Best Design-Led Regeneration Award Jubilee Street Development, Brighton
2001 World Architecture: Asia Award Kadoorie Building
2000 Hong Kong Institute of Architects: Certificate of Merit Kadoorie Building