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Posted on: August 27th, 2015 by 4Dm1N

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Graham Austin

Graham has extensive commercial and senior management experience in engineering based manufacturing industries and is leading the laboratory design & planning, project management, strategic planning and post occupation evaluation services within LCE. Graham is an engineer by profession with 30 years’ experience starting in aeronautics and thereafter in the design and construction of laboratory engineering services / environmental systems and has been responsible for innovative technical and sustainable solutions on major projects in the UK and overseas.

Graham has developed a detailed knowledge on the facilities and applications required for university research / teaching and medical institutions, particularly in the fields of biosciences, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical science, biomedical research, materials research and nanotechnology. Graham is recognised for his ability to interact very effectively with user groups / University Estates staff and specialist contractors to help develop technical briefs and to provide added value to the strategic design and planning for new laboratory & technical building projects.