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Al Birdi Resort

  • Al Birdi Resort Libya

  • Al Birdi Resort Libya

  • Al Birdi Resort Libya

  • Al Birdi Resort Libya

  • Al Birdi Resort Libya

  • Al Birdi Resort Libya

The project aims are to provide a high end class resort experience within exceptional surroundings of a desert coastal for guests in 50 villas supported by a variety of amenity facilities and activities.

The resort is designed to attract a wide range of visitors – single visitors, couples, families and groups of families, business parties and retreat opportunities – short and long stay, all year round. The complex will comprise of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom villas and 3 larger VIP villas with amenity, reception and support facilities housed within a community centre, acting as a focal point for the development.

The site is located on the gently sloping cliff-top plateau of a stunning 100 metre high promontory/bluff between Wadi Al Reseq and Omaleleg Beaches – an area of 35 hectares. The plateau is deeply cut into by two smaller steep wadis forming three ‘fingers’ of land projecting towards the sea – north, central and east fingers all suitable for developing. The fingers are of varying size affording each of the three areas to be developed in a different manner. The villas are to be located across the site in clusters of varying size taking advantage of the outstanding primary views out to sea. The main area of accommodation is situated on the north finger of the promontory with 47 resort villas, in 12 clusters comprising of 3/4 units, each with its own swimming pool. There are also 5 stand alone units affording more seclusion and privacy away from the communal activities.

On the site there are to be Resort Amenity Buildings including Focused on the Community Centre with Reception/ security, Restaurant, café, bar, shops, Site exhibition showroom, Multipurpose hall, Prayer room Library and internet suite.

Project Client:

Al Birdi Development and Tourist Investment Company

Project Sector:

Residential, Community Centre, Retail, Religious, Education/Library

Project Status:

Under Construction

Project PDF

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