Posted on: July 13th, 2018 by Michael Durran

Cafe Pavilion, Saint Hill

The building was designed as a pavilion to sit within its own sunken landscaped area. It serves as the cafe for the Church of Scientology Saint Hill site and seats 100 diners in one sitting.


The longitudinal plan is fully glazed on three sides offering distant views to the AONB to the south and closer views of the landscaped courtyard space to the east.

By sinking the building into the landscape its impact on the AONB is minimised.

A simple palette of materials – glass, stone, green roof, timber louvers and metal canopy produce a clean architecture. The stone walls are continued into the interior as is the stone paving from the landscaped courtyard which enhances the pavilion feel to the architecture.

An overhanging canopy and timber louvers provide solar shading to the large expanse of glazing and emphasise the linear aesthetic of the building.

The landscape courtyard designed by Enplan has formal, clipped, clean lines and soft tones which provides a calm tranquil space. In-built and movable seating provides flexibility to the courtyard and allows for dining, socialising and meetings.

The green roof minimizes any heat island effect of the new building.

Exterior and interior lighting has been designed to reduce light pollution and preserve the night sky.

LCE Architects undertook the detailed design from a concept produced by Gensler Architects.

The project has been recently shortlisted for the Mid-Sussex Design Awards.


Project Client:

The Church of Scientology

Project Sector:

Community & Culture

Project Status:


Project PDF

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