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Compton Avenue

  • Compton Avenue UK

  • Compton Avenue UK

  • Compton Avenue UK

A house and showcase for Knoll Furniture and other contemporary design items for Justin Pratt, UK and international manager of Knoll Studio, and his family; this entailed the conversion of two existing flats in a terraced Regency House within the West Hill Conservation Area back into a single house.

LCE’s small works team started out by establishing the budget and then looking at various samples, images, and ideas that the client had collected and that they wanted to use in the project. We then confirmed a brief, and shortly after a contractor was brought on board to begin working as part of the team.

The brief was to develop the lower levels into a new kitchen/lounge dining area with direct access to the lower level of the Garden or courtyard space that led onto the main garden. The rest of the house was refurbished to provide new living accommodation in the form of a formal lounge area, bedrooms, bathrooms and a master suite. One of the exciting outcomes of the early development stages led to a feature staircase between basement and ground floor levels that ties the project together and signals a stylistic change between the newly arranged basement area and rest of the house.

The end result is a practical, light, and interesting house with spaces for ‘occasions’ throughout. The house has also played a part in the rejuvenation of the Compton Avenue area of Brighton.

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Justin and Kathy Pratt

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