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Esplanada dos Ministerios

  • Esplanada dos Ministerios

  • Esplanada dos Ministerios

  • Esplanada dos Ministerios

  • Esplanada dos Ministerios

  • Esplanada dos Ministerios

  • Esplanada dos Ministerios

LCE Brasil, in collaboration with local practice TriploR, have completed a feasibility study for the Government of the Federal District for a new civic and service centre with parking facilities in the administrative hub of Brasilia. The proposals had to be particularly sensitive to an existing set piece architecture that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the tip of the east-west axis known as the “Monumental Axis”, and a key element of the master plan and designs drawn up by urban planner Lucio Costa and architect Oscar Niemeyer for the new Capital City. The site stretches from the Congressional Palace and the Square of the Three Powers down the Esplanade of Ministries and the feasibility process included extensive heritage consultations with the various authorities including the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation.

The feasibility study was carried out for a PPP project to undertake the construction and operation of an underground parking in the Pilot Plan of Brasilia, in order to solve the problem of irregular and lack of parking spaces at the Esplanade of Ministries. The proposal is for an underground complex over four floors with a total built area of 340,000m2 divided into three main zones – a Civic Centre, a Service Centre and Parking for up to 9,480 cars.

The proposals also includes office space and services for the Congress, a Civic Centre for the exhibition of cultural heritage and new events, and a shopping centre with a food court, shops and associated accommodation for the officials of the Federal Government and the general public.

Project Client:

Government of the Federal District

Project Sector:

Civic Centre, Offices, Carparking

Project Status:

Feasibility for PPP

Project PDF

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