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Faculty of Dental & Tech

  • Faculty of Dental & Tech Libya

  • Faculty of Dental & Tech Libya

  • Faculty of Dental & Tech Libya

  • Faculty of Dental & Tech Libya

These two Faculties occupy a strategic site at the hub of the University adjacent to the new Library, and combine to create a substantial building, 260 m long by almost 100m wide, on three floors over a naturally ventilated lower ground floor car park, accommodating 636 cars.

The two Faculties share some facilities in the centre of the complex – a conference suite, a 750 raked lecture theatre and a café with supporting kitchen– with open foyers affording good views of the Library. The combined floor area of the two Faculties is 50,000 m2 excluding the car park.

The buildings are orthogonal and planned in a series of wings around enclosed courtyards and designed very much with orientation and sustainability in mind. Separate entrances are provided to both faculties for visitors/staff, students and services/car park. The buildings are characterised by large multi-coloured angled aluminium sun louvers to cut out direct low level sunlight from the east and the west and an imposing central facility between the two faculties with a large continuous pergola roof covering both the conference spaces and the foyers.

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