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Gargaresh Dept. Store

  • Gargaresh Dept. Store Libya

  • Gargaresh Dept. Store Libya

  • Gargaresh Dept. Store Libya

  • Gargaresh Dept. Store Libya

  • Gargaresh Dept. Store Libya

The Gargaresh Department Store concept is born through the idea of forming a clear signal to the city. In order to emphasis the identity and functional uniqueness of the architecture, the store presents itself as an urban block.

The energy is channelled inside the building with a facade which conveys its function to the city, acting as a billboard. A department store as a product in itself. The facade is seen as a vertical stacking of the shop front. The building generates a landmark, standing as advertisement to the city.

The derelict site is located on Gargaresh Road, Tripoli. The proposal offers the maximum building volume with the main retail program over 3 floors and a roof top cafe/restaurant. Each floor measures 1110m² with a service core. The retail program is connected by an atrium with connected escalators to the open planned floors, with the flexibility to form individual shop units. Floors 4 & 5 accommodate an office program which has a dedicated access core. The main core is situated as a linear zone to the rear of the building. At ground level there is entrance/exit access to a lower level basement parking with 38 car parking spaces.

The main facade is formed of random placed advertisement openings which illuminate at night. They take on the role of a vertical shop front. The main grid cladding gives a canvas for branding and advertising.

AllabinaLCE are working in partnership with Libya Design and the two offices will be responsible for the implementation of the design through to construction.

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