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Homerton Education Centre

  • Homerton Education Centre UK

  • Homerton Education Centre UK

  • Homerton Education Centre UK

  • Homerton Education Centre UK

As part of our ongoing relationship with the Trust, LCE has completed the new extension to the existing medical centre facility at Homerton University Hospital. It incorporates a 150 seat lecture theatre with fully equipped audio-visual capability. It is to be used by the hospital medical staff as well as being offered to outside organisations for conferences and meetings.

The ground floor comprises the lecture theatre, new entrance reception area for the medical centre, double-height top-lit circulation space with a cafeteria and external terrace. The first floor accommodates the hospital trust board offices and supporting secretariat.

It was a traditional contract with selective tendering. The new building was an addition to the existing medical education centre which included refurbishment of facilities in the existing building.

The brief was to provide an exemplar facility for a high end medical learning environment with live feeds from the operating theatres as well as provide a meeting place for the full Trust Board and hospital staff meetings.

Once the contract was on site, the client decided to change the open office layout to a cellular arrangement for the Trust Board members as well as upgrade the site wide electrical supply and back-up. The latter meant the introduction of a new electrical supply substation as part of the completed building together with a packaged emergency back-up generator unit.

Project Client:

Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust

Project Sector:

Lecture Hall, Offices, Healthcare

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