Posted on: December 1st, 2017 by Michael Durran

Hove Gardens

This development offers the opportunity to rejuvenate an unattractive, underdeveloped and pedestrian unfriendly area in a central part of Hove and to transform it into a modern state of the art hub for modern businesses and high quality central living adjacent to Hove Station.


It is also an opportunity to improve the public realm and pedestrian/cyclist connectivity between the station and the area to the west known as Poets Corner.

These proposals follow on from the ambitious plan to develop a six acre site, west of Hove Station, for a mixed leisure, commercial and residential development incorporating the existing bus depot and known as Hove Square.

This proposal is effectively one urban block between the bus depot and the Clarendon Road Estate (0.45 hectares) currently occupied by warehouses, and is in practice Phase One of a master plan being prepared by the Neighbourhood Forum for the regeneration of a much larger policy area that straddles the railway line, known as DA6.

This proposal provides:

186 well-proportioned 1-3 bedroom apartments

21,500 sq ft of Grade A office space

2,500 sq ft of small street level units for flexible use by small and micro businesses

Large public and communal roof gardens & allotments.

Project Client:

Matsim Properties

Project Sector:


Project Status:

Planning Application approved on appeal

Project PDF

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