Posted on: August 16th, 2017 by Donna Moore

Lewes Road Housing

The proposal was to develop a new commercial and residential scheme for the site, providing a much needed injection of quality design that will lift the streetscape of this part of Lewes Road, a main route leading to and from the City.


The site is located at a key point on the east side of Lewes Road connecting two different stretches of building styles, in form and scale. To the south is Gladstone Terrace, a strong regular row of tall town houses set back with front garden spaces and to the north a variety of period styled houses of a smaller scale set tighter to the back of the pavement line.


The proposal retains the current mixed use for the site by demolishing the existing shop, car showroom, office and flats above and replacing them with 2 new retail units and 8 apartments.


The proposed site sits on a slope which provides ground floor commercial accommodation at Lewes Road street level and rises to the rear by one storey which is then the ground level for the first floor residential accommodation. The communal stairs are positioned centrally to the building allowing easy access to all flats and linking the front with the rear.


The proposed new development considers carefully the orientation and noise restrictions which lead to a layout where all apartments take advantage of the views and correct orientation, whilst at the same time providing a comfortable habitable environment within the apartments by keeping the traffic noise from Lewes Road to a minimum. Generally the balconies are to the rear of the property where traffic noise is less of an issue.

Project Client:

3 B Property Ltd

Project Sector:

Mixed used, commercial, Housing

Project Status:

Planning Appeal

Project PDF

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