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LLRA Modernisation

  • LLRA Modernisation Libya

  • LLRA Modernisation Libya

  • LLRA Modernisation Libya

  • LLRA Modernisation Libya

  • LLRA Modernisation Libya

Part of the Libyan Land Registry Authority’s (LLRA) strategic modernisation programme was to transform the delivery of its land and property services buildings. LCE Architects were appointed by the LLRA Estates department to design a national model for new regional offices in three sizes (Small/Medium/Large) with 4 variations of façade treatment relative to their environment type of Urban, Coastal, Mountain and Desert.

The objectives of the programme were to improve the environment for both customers and staff, provide a series of facilities that offer a secure repository for important national land registry information and to transform the public view of the authority with a contemporary face highlighting its use of modern processes and technology.

As part of a brand exercise for the LLRA, four separate façade treatments were evolved through the use of innovative cladding materials of distinctive character synonymous with their location within the region, all the time employing a strong, easily recognisable LLRA branding common to all variations. In each case materials have been identified that resonate with the context of these regions; Urban – glazing and metal panels, Coastal – use of a louver façade, Mountain – granite and travertine and, Desert – metal panels and stone.

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Libyan Land Registry Authority

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