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Physical Education Stadium

  • Physical Education Stadium | Libya

  • Physical Education Stadium | Libya

  • Physical Education Stadium | Libya

  • Physical Education Stadium | Libya

This design proposal was to incorporate a new Faculty of Physical Education into a new stadium design around an existing running track/sport field on the Nasser site. On one of the long sides to the stadium was to be a crescent shaped building with raked seating towards the pitch and the Faculty behind.

In the centre of the Faculty is a large gymnasium set within a symmetrical plan with a play area on the roof set under the roof structure of the stadium. At ground level are two libraries below atria, surrounded by classrooms on 5 floors in a brief to combine sport with learning, body and mind. On the opposite side of the arena is another stand of seating which is linked to the Faculty and its adjacent seating by an impressive framed shading wrap around device with further seating towards the pitch. The inspiration for this form has been the mashrabiyya. Although neither a bay window nor a privacy screen as such, the sun shading emulates the mashrabiya in that it allows for the circulation of air and at the same time prevents the ingress of direct solar radiation; it permits a certain amount of natural light through it and reduces the glare to a minimum. It is also a means by which to incorporate decoration into the façade, and by layering of the facade it is our intention to create beautiful spaces and surfaces, sculpting both the intense light levels and the crisp shadows.

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