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Sidi Al Sayeh Eco Park

  • Sidi Al Sayeh Eco Park Libya

  • Sidi Al Sayeh Eco Park Libya

  • Sidi Al Sayeh Eco Park Libya

  • Sidi Al Sayeh Eco Park Libya

  • Sidi Al Sayeh Eco Park Libya

  • Sidi Al Sayeh Eco Park Libya

The project involves the master-planning and detailed design of a new Eco Industrial City, as part of a planned industrial expansion programme by the Libyan Government to create major, ecologically sustainable, production facilities for a wide cross section of industries.

The layout for the City is based on a rectilinear grid providing a structured and efficient approach to the planning of movement, access and accommodation of flexible plot size with clarity of way-finding. It also provides a discipline in developing areas for landscaping and public realm amenities.

The main Civic Centre [Heart] consists of a ‘Wadi Park’ accommodating the City’s main mosque, civic administration, banks, post office, telecoms/data centre, commercial offices, main souq, cultural facilities, exhibition centre, restaurants and cafés, medical clinic, sport and leisure centre, emergency and security facilities.

Six ‘Local’ District Centres formed as garden squares distributed across the City, containing local mosques, shops, banks, restaurants and cafés, telephone/internet cafés for convenience, shade and relaxation for a ‘spiritual/work/play’ balance.

Naturally landscaped ‘Buffer Zones’ around the City’s perimeter and ‘Green Fingers’ or corridors within the development, planted with indigenous trees and shrubs provide a visual relief /screening. Recreational public realms provide ecological diversity whilst also acting to reduce the effects of wind-blown sand.

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Religious, Civic, Retail, Commercial, Exhibition

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