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Tugu Hotels

  • Tugu Hotels Indonesia

  • Tugu Hotels Indonesia

  • Tugu Hotels Indonesia

  • Tugu Hotels Indonesia

  • Tugu Hotels Indonesia

  • Tugu Hotels Indonesia

These two projects were undertaken for the area’s foremost art collector, Anhar Setjadibrata, to house almost one thousand antiques in beautiful and intimate settings.

The first, the Hotel Tugu, is a boutique museum hotel (26 suites) set amid rice paddies and lotus ponds on a sunset beach next to the ancient village of Canngu on Bali’s west coast, and is home to one of the largest original art collections in Southeast Asia. The main building, the Bale Agung, features a distinctive architecture inspired by a secluded village in Central Bali, whereas some of the public areas are original structures moved in entirety into the property including an 18th-century Kang Xi-period temple. The suites are housed in individual buildings tucked in lush tropical gardens and natural lotus ponds facing the Indian Ocean and themed on Balinese love stories

The second is an extension and remodelling of an existing colonial building of 15 rooms to create a 44 room hotel with most rooms suited, located in Malang in East Java. Tugu Malang is located at the heart of the old town, looking out to the main monument of Indonesia’s struggle for independence and a beautiful lotus pond park. This project involved extensive remodelling by us to create spaces suitable for dining, cafes, music, and promenading, all acting as a backdrop for extensive collections of fine antiques influenced by the Javanese Babah Peranakan culture.

AODA (At One Design Associates), now LCE, assisted the owner in bringing together a unique combination of state of the art amenity with traditional building craftsmanship and the conservation/re-use of architectural antiques to produce richly cultural environments which provide a unique experience to those who visit and use them.

Project Client:

Anhar Setjadibrata

Project Sector:

Hotel rooms, Dining, Exhibition, Museum

Project Status:


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