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Two Seas

  • Two Seas Bahrain

  • Two Seas Bahrain

  • Two Seas Bahrain

  • Two Seas Bahrain

The concept of the project is to introduce a large urban community that will be developed on reclaimed land off the northern coast off Bahrain. It will contain a balanced mix of residential, commercial and leisure land uses and facilities that will be included for the home market, as well as being of appeal and open to the regional and internatinal markets.

This land reclamation project was a challenging and noteworthy collaborative venture in which LCE Architects offered architectural support to the Scott Wilson master- planning and engineering team.

The client was looking for an ‘iconic’ shape to the development to compete with the ‘Palm’ in Dubai. The seahorse shape worked well with the engineering requirements, for this massive development for a population of 150,000 people on a 24,000 hectare site.

Seahorse Islands are an attractive marine-based residential community, in which it it intended to maximise individual access to the sea. Developed within the parameters set by a detailed Masterplan, the project will ultimately provide a wide variety of serviced residential plots, many of which will have direct water frontage either onto the sea or onto one of the many navigable internal waterways. The residential areas will be supported by a variety of other land uses and the relevant community facilities required to support the targeted population.

Project Client:

Dala Development Properties Management Co.

Project Sector:


Project Status:

Design Concept

Project PDF

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