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Unisinos, Nursery School

The Nursery Building is a competition entry for the Jesuit Campus of Porte Alegre in Brazil. Learning is at the heart of the Jesuit approach to education and the campus caters for preschool right through to university level. The Nursery to cater for over 250 infants from 3 to 5 years old with the garden being a key space in the development of a child’s learning and play.

In our proposal the Nursery Garden is at the heart of the building and contains the main learning and play activities, including the sports pitch, garden area and play ground. Fundamental to this concept is the interaction between this garden and the classrooms with direct and visual links tieing the two together.

The site is divided into two zones with parking situated on the flatter more southerly section of the site, whilst the nursery complex and maintenance building maximize the natural slope of the northern section of the site, cutting into the hill side. The Nursery building picks up on the existing geometry of the adjacent buildings, allowing the building to be formed into a V shape with two wings and creating a court space between. The existing garden to the east is drawn into this V shape helping to form a lush garden space that will be at the heart of the nursery. Utilizing the sites natural slope the more northerly wing of the nursery has been dropped allowing the nursery garden to expand over its roof maximizing the play space for the children.

Sustainability is at the heart of the brief with all areas passively ventilated using night time purging and the natural stack effect of the mezzanines to combat heat gain during warmer days.

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Unisinos, Porte Allegre

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Competition Short List

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