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Wahat Desert Stations

  • Wahat Desert Stations

  • Wahat Desert Stations

  • Wahat Desert Stations

  • Wahat Desert Stations

  • Wahat Desert Stations

  • Wahat Desert Stations

The Desert Service Stations are to form an integral part of the overall Wahat Vision for the creation of a series of landmark tourist destinations across Saharan Libya.

As well as being destinations in themselves, sited near locations of cultural, historical, geological and scenic interest, the Stations are strategically placed to act as a means of way-finding during the day, beacons at night and provide welcome respite for the traveller. The solutions offered provide a range of facilities appropriate to each location, and its proximity to other facilities and attractions. Its modularity allows for flexibility and expansion, in response to possible changing demands and events, be they occasional or evolutional. These proposals also respond to the notion of ‘nomadic architecture’ referred to within the Wahat Vision. As well as providing essential respite from the harshness of the environment, and to meet the needs of a particular location, the facilities of the stations generally range from:

Small [S] – To provide information, first aid and refreshment in the form of a small cafe; washroom and shower facilities for short stays, (in certain locations the small may also have a petrol store or refuelling point and some simple hostel type accommodation).

Medium [M] – To include the facilities as the Small adding refuelling, mechanic point and further refreshment/retail space and simple motel/hostel type accommodation.

Large [L] – To have all of the facilities of the Medium station including a larger motel hostel accommodation and prayer rooms with increased provision for restaurant/retail and fuel station and larger mechanical work shop.

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Al-Wahat Tourism Investment & Development Company

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